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The title states it all

The title states it all. i need to find a class i want to play soon. I WANT to play a dps caster, but so does every man and his mother. Should i play something else that is more needed, or should i play a mage, warlock, shadow priest??? If you want something with group flexibility, go Shadow Priest. Even speced Shadow, you can heal your average non heroic 5man, it's just a bit harder since you aren't speced for it.

Play what you want. all the classes are fun. prepare to waste days of your life finding a class. i had 66 days played on my first mage when i went back to finally finish leveling my priest, then he was my main, then i switched again, and again, eventually rerolling this mage on deathwing.don't think of it as time wasted, its time playing wow, that is all. This is something you can only decide for yourself.As a side note, how long does it take you to get dressed in the morning? OMG WHAT SOCKS SHOULD I WEAR?

If you roll a SPriest you will be asked to heal nearly every time you join a PuG. Take that into consideration if you don't already have a guild. As for Mage vs. Warlock. I would personally go with a mage, I find them to be more entertaining than playing a lock.Everything is wanted in 5 man groups, even heroics... and guilds are looking for almost every class/spec as almost every of them have some sort of utility (tanking, dpsing, healing, support... etc.)If you want a caster, chose whatever caster class appeals you the most.- Druids are versatile casters and melee (can do ranged dps, healing, melee dps and tanking) depending on their talents and gear.

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The Fear calculation uses

30% melee haste means 30% more swings in a given time. Slow values indicate how much longer an activity takes to complete. 30% slow means an action takes 30% longer to finish.Additional InformationWhen casting a buff on a low level target, the appropriate rank of the buff will be http://www.rs2joy.com/ automatically be applied. Healing-Over-Time spells from different sources will stack (i.e. multiple druids can cast the Rejuvenation spell on 1 target).

Mana regeneration is disrupted when a spell has completed casting rather than at the start of casting. It will resume normally five seconds after the last spell cast. Elixirs will not stack with player spells that improve the same attribute. Water walking won't work on lava or slime. Casting Dispel Magic on a friend under the influence of charm will dispel the charm. Abilities that activate off critical hits work off critical hits from abilities as well (Blood Craze, Enrage). Chain targeted spells and abilities (e.g. Multi-shot, Cleave, Chain Lightning) will not hit stealthed or invisible units unless visible to the caster.

The Fear calculation uses the final amount of damage dealt, after all modifiers. Fear continues to be roughly three times as likely to break on player targets as on non-player targets. Periodic Healing: Spells which do periodic healing have their strength determined at the moment they are cast. Changing the amount of bonus healing you have during the duration of the periodic spell will have no impact on how much it heals for.

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Is usually very brief and

Random Event is a random occurrence in the experience, depending on the player's actions. For example: an automated gamer, immediately appeared beside you and requires you to another position at http://www.solorsgold.com/, to ask you to complete the assigned procedure, and will take you to return to the unique location. Also of some defunct random actions, have a fighting level than you than you a monster, immediately appear and strike you, you can choose to keep at once, or eliminating it.

Is usually very brief and easy to accomplish. The benefits of random actions is to prevent players use a plug-in to automated function, or do not sign out and keep the pc next to the easy players can get awards through proper function. On March 27, 2008, Jagex refresh the random actions of the program, because it was discovered that more and more players to use a plug-in automated operation; connect reductions had also finishing off, because the battle will hurt easy players.A lot for the players to perform mini-games Minigames in RuneScape Gold. Most of the mini-game material, has nothing to do with the the RuneScape main activity material, but to use the technological innovation and establishing of the experience. And most of the mini-games are for paying associates only.The mini-games, mainly 2: dangerous and non-hazardous. Dangerous mini activity represents the aspect when the experience is lost, the experience truly dead, and can not get returning the products, but will be sent returning to the entry of the mini-games;

instead of mini dangerous represents, when you reduce a activity headline, you may loss of way of life, but also to retrieve the products, after loss of way of life, will be sent returning to the entry of the mini-games.Won the mini-game, then there will be awards. Some actions prize Award volume players enough stored to the specified Small Game Award volume, be able to specify the designated location of the mini-games to buy products. Some actions compensate is integral, the greater the factors, the greater the functions that can be used also. Portion of the integration of the mini-games will display in the Hiscore at. Some actions prize reward activity gold. However, aspect of the experience there will not be compensated.

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Attractive compensate for all players

Collectors items in RuneScape action known as energy players, these players only concentrate on the build up of prosperity and experience. Ogilvie identify the energy player will often complete the procedure as soon as possible and rush Skip plots and discussion, but he said, "We Diablo 3 Gold must make sure that players sometimes stopped to rest.Power players and even it is not easy to choose up the tale tasks.

Attractive compensate for all players to make sure the achievement of the procedure. For the energy player, must be guaranteed to make sure that these projects than their normal game play experience rewarding experience. And through these projects can start other other rewards to improve their average hourly experience.Once they are planning the tale tasks, RS Gold to wish some encouraging and interesting story design for energy players, they also motivate players to take enough a probability to comprehend the qualifications of the tale tasks,

discussion, element, and the tale behind information puzzles combined into the procedure.The RS design team highly aware of the players and do not want to take enough a probability to be compensated through the way of text, they should be encouraged to simplified and readable discussion, in particular, we turn to do the acoustic version proposed by the editors responsible for a variety of terms management by a panel analyze discussion Old School RS Gold. The design team is also committed to the immersive environment for players and voice.Can improve a performer's participation through the implementation of this strategy, developers often players perspective on the web page group forum reviews, players say when they execute the procedure, the procedure compensate is their concentration, and later we suddenly discovered story element .

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I popularity bottomward

There is also a position where you can fly seafood in Lumbridge. It is by the kayak position. It is excellent here because you can seafood a complete stock of seafood, then run easily to the common shop to offer your seafood and create a little cash. Also if you want site: http://www.solorsgold.com/gold, you can prepare your seafood on various shoots by the common shop, as individuals firemake a lot in this position.

Here you have two options: you may remain at Runescape Gold Town and fly-fish, or you may go to Slot Sarim with about 80gp and buy a Seafood crate, then take the deliver to N. Karamja. I recommend fishing until you have run out of down, then going to N. Karamja.On N. Karamja, posture into the property and absorb the connect. It is fun to position reality if you can purchase a active globe, because individuals are continually discussing while they seafood. You will be abounding above you apperceive it. When you agree to a abounding stock, participating about for a flame. If you see one, chef your lobsters and either pill them, conform them to someone, or promote them.

I popularity bottomward them as it is quickest, but some individuals like to promote them to the nearby General Store. Proceed this until similar 75 fishing. This appear to be the slowest position amongst two stages, so be individual.You can continue lobsters Runescape Gold , as they get a bit quicker around this stage. On the other hand, you could pick up a harpoon and search for out swordfish and seafood. At stage 76, you will get a awesome quantity of swordfish Source by: http://www.vipdiablo3gold.com/. You may do the same with swordfish/tuna as with lobsters: fall, offer, or business. You will get to your preferred stage soon enough; keep in mind, tolerance is a benefit.

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